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In a swivel mount there is an additional arm

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Posted on: 01/12/18

Television wall mounts are load bearing studs and can bear the weight of any type of television and more. Mounts in fixed types are used to hand the Plasma or Flat Screen TV like a picture frame. As the popularity of flat screen TVs and Plasma TVs rise with every passing day, the trend has clearly shifted to mounting them on walls rather than using TV cabinets and customized shelves. They jut out and are secured to the television from behind just as the mechanical brackets in a fixed wall mount.

While there can stainless steel welding manufacturers some levels of apprehension about the ability of a wall mounts to take the heavy load of a high end television set, there is actually no cause of fear.

. There are many types of wall mounts available to meet a wide variety of needs of customers.Wall mounts are the best places to position your TV as they not only save space; they also look much more aesthetic than TV cabinets or shelves.

In a swivel mount there is an additional arm that can be moved around 180 to turn the television to any direction of the broom it is placed in. In this case the arm is the mechanical piece that is fixed to the walls by long screws. There is a double safety arrangement. All you have to do is drill holes in the walls to keep them secured.

Wall mounts are sturdy heavy duty pieces of metals that can be pined with the help of nuts and screws to create a platform which can hold your TV conveniently. They are designed to make it easy to fix and mount your televisions. Swivel type mounts can be moved on its pivot to facilitate viewing from any angle or any corner of a room. The mount is secured by screws to the wall while the television is secured to the mount with a set of screws and brackets to firmly lock it in place. Each one is designed to offer maximum convenience while the looks are sure to catch the attention of one and all.

The fact that wall mounts are placed at a greater height than a normal television cabinet or a shelf makes it safe from children or pets. In addition they save you a lot of place at the floor level which can be utilized for keeping other furniture.

If you are looking for fixed wall mounts for your for your flat screen TV, flat panels or even Ultra Slim flat panel TVs there is a wide range to choose from


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